Aside from enhancing the appearance of your vehicle, window tinting can help reduce a significant amount of heat during hot, sunny days. At Shades Tinting, we use high quality film to guard against the sun’s damaging rays – up to 95% – better protection for you and your auto. The less heat your car retains, the lower (and less) you will need to run the air conditioner. You will be able to save on fuel, help extend the air conditioner’s life span, and maintain a comfortable coolness. 

As a Skin Cancer Foundation recommended product, our 3M films can also help reduce your chance of skin cancer. Various films can provide up to 1000 SPF. Added benefits of window tinting include a reduction in glare up to 50%, which can reduce fatigue and squinting during driving for most drivers.

Value of Window Tinting

With a professional tint, your vehicle’s life and value can increase. It can also prevent dashboard cracking and fading vinyl, leather or suede seats, as well as age spots. Window films offer an added level of security – if in an accident or hit with a heavy object, the glass is held together by the film and does not shatter.

Paint Protection

Along with protecting the vehicle’s interior, Shades Tinting offers paint protection. A near invisible film, it is applied to the exterior, painted surface of the vehicle. It is meant to protect the paint from debris such as gravel, sand, bugs, etc. Paint protection is an excellent choice for all vehicles and especially lower riding autos that are more susceptible to scratching. 


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