Shades Tinting offers commercial glass tinting and protection. The most cost effective way to protect a building's windows from damaging sunrays and heat is by applying a protective window film to your glass. Doing so can save you and your company hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills. In just a short time, you will notice a considerable reduction in heat throughout your office, shop, restaurant, etc. Window film can also be a great benefit during the winter months – the film helps retain heat, which in turn also reduces heating costs. 

Added Benefits

Adding a film to glass can greatly reduce glare from outside and prevent fatigue for employees. While curtains and blinds can also help reduce glare, the cost of additional artificial lighting can increase significantly. Additionally, office furniture life can be increased when protected by window film. The sun’s rays are considerably minimized by the film and reduce fading of materials and colors.

Also, in case of any type of disaster – natural or caused by others – the film holds the glass together instead of shattering. This lessens the chance of injury and/or damage to the property. Furthermore, a would-be burglar may be deterred when the glass fails to break down. 


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